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Extra Small Bandana is 9 - 10 inches in length

Small Bandana is 11-12 inches in length

Medium Bandana is 13-14 inches in length

Large Bandana is 15-16 inches in length

Extra Large Bandana is 17-18 inches in length


35% of Profits are donated to Lil Roar Cat Rescue.

Wicked Night

PriceFrom $7.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • All products are handmade with love in Virginia and the quality is checked by Buddy, the co-owner/fellow canine and Rico, Buddy's feline brother. Our bandanas are over the collar style. 

    We would love to see your fur-baby in our bandana. Don't forget to tag us on instagram @Buddyandcoshop to be reposted and featured on our feed. 

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